Tell Governor Rick Scott to Veto SunRail

Published Saturday, June 25, 2011
Source: Sally Batiste

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Tell Governor Rick Scott to Veto SunRail Now and Attend June 28th - FDOT SunRail Public Meeting.
Call Governor Rick Scott and let the governor know you oppose SunRail. 

Phone: 850.488.4441  or   850.488.7146

Send Emails to:
Gov Rick Scott -  and cc: Carrie O'Rourke -
We need volunteers to attend FDOT SunRail Public Meeting on June 28th.
Beth Dillaha will have T-Shirts for those who attend.  Contact Beth at the email above or Phone: 407-620-2315  for more details.
We must take action now. Remind Governor Rick Scott that Floridians oppose SunRail and remind the Governor that he promised to not waste tax dollars.

Reasons why the Governor needs to Veto SunRail

See blog posted:
The SunRail boondoggle will be decided by Governor Scott by July 2.  We need all Tea Party and fiscal conservative support and efforts within the next ten days.  Here is why groups around the state should be involved:

  1. The Central Florida Commuter Rail project, SunRail, has a $1.2Billion first year start-up and FDOT (state taxpayers) will cover the operating costs of this rail project for a full seven years.  Further, FDOT (state taxpayers) is paying $173M to CSX for the corridor and a new rail yard. 
  2. The FFGA (Agreement between the feds and Florida for acceptance of federal funds) places the STATE as grantee.  This means all cost overruns and any defaults on the FFGA are the full responsibility of the state (all Florida taxpayers).
  3. The $300Million in federal funding (50% match for capital costs) promised by John Mica does not exist.  Only $61M has been committed by the feds to date.  The FFGA states that future federal funds “are not guaranteed” as they are dependent on future appropriations of Congress.  This means the state (Florida taxpayers) covers what the feds do not provide.  This is a true bait and switch.
  4. The project must be completed, according to the terms of the FFGA, regardless of any federal money coming through.
  5. The deal with CSX requires that liability for any injuries, accidents or deaths caused by CSX (on the corridor) will be shifted to the Florida taxpayers.  This is precedent setting:  providing private entities to shift their liability onto Florida taxpayers.
  6. The deal conflicts with the State Constitution in that it allows for public funds to be utilized for private gain.
  7. IF this project is approved, it sets the stage for future rail projects in Florida. 
  8. The operating costs for the system have been grossly underestimated and, with no dedicated funding source (ie:  tax), the Florida taxpayers will be paying a tremendous amount more that purported by FDOT.
  9. The ridership is for a paltry 2150 commuters.
  10. The voters never approved funding the project.  Operating support will come from city and county General Funds: the same fund that pays for fire, police, parks, etc.

I know good fiscal conservatives have their eyes set on the presidential primary .  However, it is my hope that we will all come together now and ask Governor Scott to reject the SunRail FFGA (for all the above reasons).  If you would ask your group members to send a letter to the governor and / or call, that will go a long way.  He expressed to our group that he wants to hear some noise.  He needs support.  You can e-mail him at

Please visit for everything you could possibly want to know about SunRail.  See for myths and facts about SunRail (this was put together to counter Mayor Buddy Dyer and is Downtown Development Board’s exaggerations about SunRail benefits. This can be used on facebook, twitter and as an-mail blast.

Also, see yesterday’s article regarding the “Exaggerations of SunRail:”

Thank you for any and all support.


Beth Dillaha